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Parish Education Board

In 2006 the School Education Boards were consolidated to form a single Parish Education Board.  The Board assists in all aspects of Education in the parish.  In an era when Life Long Learning is sought by many people, the goal of the Board is to seek ways of doing this. 

Particular areas of concern are as follows:

  • Oversight and governance of the Parish Schools.
  • Provision of Religious Education of our children in Government Schools
  • Sacrament Preparation for our Children.
  • Opportunities for Adult Faith Formation.

Members are drawn from the staff, parents and parishioners. 

The following are dealt with in the following pages:

  • Guidelines for the Parish Education Board
  • Members of the Parish Education Board

Parish Education Board Members

Members 2011

Ex-Officio Members

Parish Priest Fr Kevin Dance, CP


Mrs Mary Lucas
       North School

  Mr Paul Gleeson
      South School

School Representatives

Principals’ nominees (1 each school)

Nominee of the Parents’ and Friends Associations (1 each school)

Parents nominated by the parent communities (1 each school)

Parish Representatives

A rep of the St John’s Regional College Parents

A rep of the Government Schools Ministry

A rep of the Parish Sacramental Ministry

Download Parish Education Board Guidelines