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Administration & Finance Council

Parish Centre & Office

The Office is staffed during the week and is open each day. At present Gillian Velupillay is responsible for Finance and Administration and is available on Mondays and Tuesdays.  
If you have any queries please ring the office during office hours.
The Parish Centre is the building next to the Church.

Finance Council 2017-2018

The Finance Council oversees the financial administration of the parish, provides advice and direction to the Parish Priest and staff. 

Members are:   

Anne Astin Anthony McArdle (Chair)
Fr Kevin Dance cp Nick Dimitrakas
Danistan Emmanuel Liz Spear

Thanksgiving Programme

The Parish is financially supported by the generosity of Parishioners.  Contributions are made through the Thanksgiving Envelopes or by Direct Debit.  By families making a commitment to offer a fixed amount on a regular basis, the parish is able to set a budget to meet the projected expenses of the year.  Envelopes are numbered to aid entry on the computer.  This helps us keep personal information confidential.  From time to time, computer generated letters sent to contributors have discrepancies.  When this occurs, please contact the office so that errors can be rectified.  Thanksgiving Registration Cards are available in the gathering Space and on the Notice Wall of the Church.

Second Collection To Support Our Priests

We are fortunate to have the ministry of Frs Kevin, Brian, Chris and Jose. Contributions on the second collection are the main source of income for the Passionist Community.

School Levy

Each family in the Parish Schools contribute an annual levy of $260 to the parish.  This helps to repay the outstanding loans taken out by the parish the provide for the schools.  Families contributing $500 or more per annum to the Thanksgiving Programme are exempted from this.

Gifts And Donations

The parish has received anonymous donations for specific items for the parish, eg, vestments, chalices, a ciborium, flags of our nations of origin, plants for our gardens, art work for the Parish Centre.  As well as these, several tradesmen, handymen and young people have generously given of their time over the years.  Teams of Gardeners have added to the beauty of our Church.  We are most grateful for their generosity.  There are many ways of sharing of our giving giftedness.

Download Thanks Giving Application Form