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Passionist Family Groups

Passionist Family Groups

This is a ministry that begun in Sydney in 1972 in the Terrey Hills Parish, which at the time was administered by the Passionists. 

Members commit themselves on a yearly basis, attending as they can the monthly social events set in the calendar by their Family Group. 

Groups consist of 10-15 family units, many with children, some without, or single parents.  After members get to know each other, Family Groups members support each other in the high and low times of life.

There are 4 groups in the Parish, each with 10-15 family units, many with children, some without, some with solo parents. They are particularly popular with families who want to connect with other families, and for those without an extended family in the vicinity.

In 2011 our Family groups celebrated their 20th year. To celebrate this milestone members of the groups spoke at all masses on the last weekend in May, And celebrated with a BUSH Dance on Saturday Evening, 4th June.

For more information please contact  Parish Office on 9700 3781