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Adult Faith Formation

St Paul Apostle Parish provides opportunities for Adult Faith Formation in a number of forms.  We also work with other parishes in the Deanery promoting each other’s activities.  Information on these will appear in the Parish and School Newsletters.

Catholics Returning Home

After a time away from active life in the Church, parents presenting their children for education in a Catholic School or for Children’s Sacraments are sometime uncomfortable with the questions their children are asking, and unsure of how to “come home”, even if its just for a time.  Our time away from the Church has left us with some big questions, some we can be struggling to put into words.

Catholics Returning Home is a small group opportunity for young couples to share their stories, and their questions, with the assistance of some members of the parish.  This is a non-judgmental opportunity. The length of the programme is 6 nights.

The first programme for 2007 will start on Thursday 22 February.  If this night doesn’t suit all members, there is opportunity to negotiate a change.

Family Sacrament Preparation

For each Sacrament that we celebrate with our children, there are opportunities for us to prepare as a family.  These Family Nights last for about 60 minutes and give each family an opportunity where children and parents participate together.  They culminate in the Sacrament Celebration.

Parish Lenten Programme

Each year we make resources for the Lenten Programme available with the Parish Newsletter.  Once again this year we will follow the same procedure.  These resources can be shared in small groups with other people.

General Information:

Contact:    Parish Centre
Address: St Paul Apostle parish
5 William Hovell Drive 
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Telephone:  9700 3781