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The Baptism of Children

A Journey of Discovery

Baptism: The First of Many Sacraments

Welcome to St Paul Apostle Parish, and the celebration of this First Sacrament with your new child.  We hope you find support, friendship and faith with us over the coming years.

Baptism is a family affair.  In Baptism, children receive the first Sacrament in their Initiation into the Church, their new family.  There are three steps in the process of preparing for and celebrating Baptism at St Paul Apostle Parish.  Together with the Sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist, these Sacraments initiate us into the life of the Christian Community.

“Baptism, together with the other sacraments, is both a sign and a celebration of our belonging to the Catholic Community.  In proclaiming our faith together, we grow as a community that loves and serves … Baptism is like a second birth. On the day of our baptism, we are claimed as a child of God, and publicly welcomed into the community of faith, of the Catholic Church.”   (From: “Our People’s Story” by L. El-Hage & A. Walsh.)

Through the Sacrament of Baptism, each of us becomes a child of God, who loves us unconditionally, and who calls us by name, and who walks the journey of life with us. 

The Lord answers, “Can a woman forget her own baby and not have love for the child she bore?  Even if a mother should forget her child, I will never forget you.  I cannot forget you!  I have you written on the palm of my hand”   (Isaiah 49: 15-16.)

Baptism Preparation

Parents are required to attend a preparation session.  We ask that the parents, and where possible the godparents, attend this preparation session.  Some parents may choose to do this before the birth of their child.  This is a time when we will help you focus on this first Sacrament you are presenting your child for.  You will have the opportunity to:

·         meet other parents presenting their children for baptism;
·         share on the changes to family life;
·         share on your hopes and dreams for your child and family;
·         discover what will happen at the Baptism.
·         Understand a little more about our parish family, and the opportunities that are available for you
           to be more involved.

You will find it a supportive time as you begin this faith journey with your child.

Please come to the session knowing your views are valued.  We will go over the ceremony in full, so you will be familiar with all the symbols associated with Baptism and your part in the ceremony.  If you have any questions regarding the Baptism of your child, do not hesitate to ask a team member, who will do their best to answer them for you.

At this Session, you will be given a Sacrament Stole and directions on how to personalise it for your child.  These preparation sessions are held on the 3rd Sunday of the month in the Church from 3.45-5.00pm


In order to be a godparent, a person must be mature enough to accept responsibility, and have a commitment to living the Catholic tradition.  At least one godparent must be a Confirmed Catholic.  The others at least should be Baptised Christians.
Godparents are chosen to assist the parents. They are called to represent what ought to be the concern of the whole church that the baptised child be brought up in the ways of faith.  The godparents express the sponsoring responsibility of the entire faith community.  Parents should choose godparents whose own way of life expresses Christian commitment and is a source of inspiration to them and their children.  It is hoped that the relationship between the child and his/her godparents will be fostered, especially during the formative years of life.

Rite of Welcome

On the last Sunday of the month before Baptism, the parents and their child are presented to the Community at one of the Masses.  This is the Rite of Welcome and Blessing, the first part of the Baptism Ceremony.  It is important to have your child with you.  Please advise the Parish Office which Mass you will attend in advance.  On the day, please go to the Sacristy 10 minutes before Mass and introduce yourself to the Priest.

Celebration of Baptism

Baptisms are usually celebrated on the 1st weekend of the month, either at the weekend Masses, or at the 12.30pm Baptism Service.

A Baptism registration form is provided with this booklet.  Please contact Parish Office before choosing the Baptims date and completing the form, as we have a limit number for each Baptism day.  It is customary for the family to make an offering at the time of Baptism; -suggested donation is $50-$100 to be included with Registration Form.


A Prayer For Your Child

God, who is both Father and Mother, 
bless our child who is a precious gift of life from you, 
given into our care.  

Bless her/him with peace.  

May he/she grow in a world of love, acceptance and affirmation.  
May he/she always remember that you call her/him by name 
and walk with her/him always.  

As the first teachers of our child, 
may we teach her/him about you, 
a God who is always loving and always a friend, 
about living in love and harmony with others, 
and about the care for our earth.  



Download Baptism Registration Form

Download Baptism Information Booklet

Download Baptism Information Letter For Parents