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As a church, our parish invites its members to recognise the gifts for spiritual and pastoral leadership amongst its members.  We see the importance of encouraging appropriate people to consider religious life or priesthood as a means of service. 

The various levels of ordination are as follows:

Transitional Deacon:

He is one preparing for priesthood.  This usually is a time of service in the Church of 6-12 months, much like the latter stages of an apprenticeship.  Apart from service within and beyond the community, deacons assist with marriages, baptisms and funerals.

Permanent Deacon: 

He is a married man of a mature age, ordained for service.  This order in the Church was restored by the Second Vatican Council.


Chosen and Called from among the people after a period of 6-8 years of formation.  Diocesan Priests are assigned by their Bishop for service across their Diocese.  Priests of Religious communities undertake formation for service in parish and specialist areas.  They are assigned by their Provincial Superior for works across the Province, usually Australia and New Zealand, and at times across the world.


Some priests are called to service as Bishops by the Pope.  This follows from the advice of his advisors in the Holy See (Vatican), the Apostolic Nuncio in the country, and the local Bishops.  Once appointed, bishops normally serve in that Diocese for life.

Religious Life

Religious Communities of men and women were formed by charismatic leaders for service of the people of God, either in or beyond the Church.  While the average age of religious in Australia is high, they still do great work to build up the kingdom of God.  Their stories can be found in these and other web sites: